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Home Care Hampton, VA

Caring Hearts Provides Quality Home Care Services to Residents in Hampton, VA

Caring Hearts with Healing Hands is the gold standard of home care in Hampton, VA. Owned and operated by a registered nurse with over 30 years of experience, we’re Hampton’s first choice when it comes to quality caregiving services. 

For more information on how Caring Hearts can provide a greater quality of life for you or your loved one, contact our caregivers today to schedule a FREE in-home consultation.

Types of Home Care We Offer

Caring Hearts With Healing Hands offers a wide range of in-home care services in Hampton, VA. Our staff of trusted, licensed professionals are standing by, ready to provide you or your loved one in need with gentle, compassionate home care.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Dementia and its close relative, Alzheimer’s disease, are neurological conditions characterized by a loss of cognitive function. Memory loss, confusion, and an increasing inability to process logic are hallmarks of these disorders. Patients suffering from these conditions normally need more care than the typical home care patient.

Caring Hearts With Healing Hands is uniquely qualified to care for individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Our staff of certified, licensed professionals will work hand-in-hand with your existing healthcare providers to launch a plan of memory care that mitigates health risks and increases quality of life.   

Post-Hospitalization Care

Hospitals are where the sick go to get better, but home is where the healing happens. If your recent hospital visit left you sore, tired, and unable to fully care for yourself, Caring Hearts With Healing Hands can help.

Our post-hospitalization home care services were designed to provide maximum comfort and safety. If you or your loved one need compassionate care and supervision while healing from a medical procedure, contact Caring Hearts With Healing Hands today.    

Respite Care

Respite care, one of our most popular services, is defined by a home care specialist stepping in to assume caregiver duties while a caregiver gets the rest they deserve. When a caregiver’s effectiveness declines due to exhaustion, the health risks to their patient increases. The best way to combat caregiver burnout is by taking advantage of Caring Hearts With Healing Hands’ respite care services. 

Transportation Services

Transportation services are available to all of our patients at Caring Hearts with Healing Hands, and can be a standalone offering or included with our Concierge Service packages. If you or a loved one need a reliable, committed, trustworthy transportation service with your health in mind, look no further than Caring Hearts with Healing Hands.

Disease and Medication Management

Our certified, licensed home caregivers are well-versed in medication management for any stage of a patient’s condition. We’ll develop a medication protocol alongside your existing healthcare providers to ensure you’re getting the very best care possible. Typical tasks involve:

  • Medication Reminders
  • Providing proactive treatments or interventions based on evidence-based guidelines
  • Performing periodic blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring
  • Screening for drug/disease interactions and adverse drug reactions

Personal Care in Hampton

Personal care services from Caring Hearts with Healing Hands cover a variety of home care tasks like dressing, bathing, grooming, cooking, and light housekeeping duties. Our personal care services were designed to provide maximum comfort for patients and is one of our most requested services. Let our caregivers take care of the light work while you focus on healing.

Personalized Senior Care Offered in Hampton, VA

Caring Hearts With Healing Hands is the gold standard of senior care in Hampton, VA. Our renowned senior services provide compassionate, coordinated care by a team of medical professionals passionate about their work.

Why You Should Choose Our Hampton Caregivers

Caring Hearts with Healing Hands is a family-owned home care agency designed from the ground up by a registered nurse of 25 years, Antrina Curry. Fed up with the substandard care many home care agencies provide, Curry took her patient advocate position to new heights by building a world-class caregiving agency focused first on a patient’s quality of life. 

Areas We Serve

Caring Hearts With Healing Hands Home Care Services provides quality home care to the following areas: Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News, Suffolk, and Chesapeake.

Schedule a Free In-Home Consultation Today

For more information on how our home care services in Hampton, VA can improve your quality of life, schedule a FREE in-home consultation today!