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Disease Management

Providing Hands-On Care to Prevent Complications

caregiver and elderly woman smilingEven when a patient suffers from mild or chronic diseases, we believe they deserve to live a quality life. Hence, we offer disease management services in support of their recovery.

The primary goal of disease management is to help patients prevent complications, which may increase healthcare costs and drastically decrease their quality of life. As part of our efforts in suppressing the risks linked to either chronic or mild diseases, we will collaborate with other healthcare professionals to deliver the right level of care as needed by our patients. Such care procedures include:

  • Providing proactive treatments or interventions based on evidence-based guidelines
  • Incorporating patient self-management through patient health education
  • Performing periodic blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring
  • Assisting patients with medication adherence
  • Screening for drug/disease interactions and adverse drug reactions
  • Operating and maintaining medical equipment such as life-supporting machines
  • And more

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