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Proper Wound Care for the Elderly

Proper Wound Care for the Elderly

People get wounds at times. Since childhood, we get cuts for a lot of reasons. It could be that we scraped our knee, scratched our skin too hard, got a papercut, or accidentally cut ourselves with a sharp object. Fortunately, our bodies – and our skin – are capable of healing these injuries, leaving them as good as before we got them.

As a person ages, though, the body undergoes some changes, too. Additionally, the existence of certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, can affect the wound’s ability to heal. That is why the elderly experience a longer recovery time with their cuts. Here, wound management from a provider of senior care in Virginia would be able to help.

Proper wound care is vital in the healing process, but it is more so in the elderly, as complications can arise, especially when there’s an infection. To prevent this, assistance from a non-medical home care agency would come in handy. These professionals have the skills to care for, clean, and dress different types of wounds, be it open or closed wounds.

Avoiding health complications and encouraging wound healing is possible with proper wound care. For this reason, we at Caring Hearts With Healing Hands Home Care Services, a reliable provider of home care in Chesapeake, Virginia, offer services, including wound management, to help you stay in good health. Reach us through these numbers: 1-757-523-0359 or 1-757-525-0747.

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