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Learn the Most Common Telltale Signs of Dementia

Learn the Most Common Telltale Signs of Dementia

Dementia is a medical condition that results in a loss of cognitive function. It is a collective term used to describe conditions that affect an individual’s memory, language, and problem-solving skills. Unsurprisingly, dementia can affect an individual’s capacity to conduct everyday activities which is where a non-medical home care agency comes in handy.

Hiring senior care in Virginia for dementia patients can be highly beneficial as it ensures they remain in a comfortable environment while receiving proper care. The latter comes in the form of symptoms management and behavior monitoring, as well as personal care.

To learn more about dementia, here are its most common symptoms:

  • Changes in short-term memory.
    Perhaps the most common sign of dementia is a change in an individual’s short-term memory. This may include forgetting to perform certain chores or the inability to recollect recent events. Another early warning sign of dementia is struggling to express thoughts and difficulty finding the appropriate words to use during conversation.
  • Apathy and confusion.
    It’s common for dementia patients to experience a loss of interest in their hobbies and social activities. A person experiencing the early stages of dementia may also experience confusion quite often since the condition can cause lapses in memory which makes it difficult to accomplish certain tasks or interact with others.
  • Repetition and inability to follow storylines.
    A loved one with dementia may repeat questions or daily tasks like cleaning as a result of memory loss and other behavioral changes. Additionally, they may find it difficult to follow storylines when watching television or conversing with their friends and family.

Are you in need of quality home care in Chesapeake, Virginia? Get in touch with Caring Hearts With Healing Hands Home Care Services to get started today.

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